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Blog: Nicole Gibbs Is Back on the Practice Court After Some Downtime

Hi there!

After a grind of a two week stretch, I came home to LA and enjoyed a couple of days off and then a slow buildup to hard practices by the end of the week. My team monitored me closely all week, and we pulled back on practice hours any time we felt that my body wasn’t where we wanted it to be. Ironically, these weeks of patience and rest are some of the toughest for me. Mentally, I love to be out on the courts and in the gym every day for long hours, but recently, I’ve learned to trust my body and my team to tell me when enough is enough.

Outside of the tennis world, I spent a lot of time with Jack, Kaya (yes, I’m including the cat), and my friends, and tried to enjoy the beautiful weather in LA. This past Saturday, I enjoyed a day off, surfing in the morning, and paddling out again to meditate on my board in the afternoon. Not surprisingly, even after travel, Sunday brought my best practice of the week. Too often, we, as humans, feel that if we’re not working at our trade, we’re losing ground or being lazy. However, the more experience I gather, the more I realize that some of my most meaningful and career-boosting days are not conventionally “productive” at all.

Time spent on the beach, on a yoga mat, getting a massage, or enjoying an evening out with friends is not time wasted. In fact, balance has the ability to win tennis matches in and of itself, if applied correctly. That said, having just arrived in Winnipeg, I am already diving back into my routines and prepping for match time. In a way, I feel like two different people on the road and at home. The changes of pace keeps things interesting for me, and remind me that life is about way more than just tennis.



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In February of 2017, Tennis Channel launched its first multi-platform content series My Tennis Life featuring two professional tennis players, Nicole Gibbs (USA) and Sam Groth (Australia), as they traverse the globe in search of valuable ATP and WTA points. The series gives you a behind-the-scenes look of the professional tour. Tennis fans across the globe will witness Sam and Nicole’s efforts to break through respectively on the ATP and WTA Tours, and the challenges they face while trying to improve their game and career earnings.

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