Nicole Gibbs Blog: Checking in from Final Tourney of the Year

Hey Everyone,

Checking in this week from Waco, Texas, the location of my final tournament of the year. It feels good to be back on the Baylor courts, since the last time I was here, in 2015, I had a great week and made it to the finals. Last week, while not exactly a poster performance for me, was an improvement on my previous event in Macon. I had a very solid first round win and then lost to an inspired opponent in the second round. My new team’s goals have not changed with the early losses, so we still expect me to find my footing this week and make it to the end.

While I would love for Waco to bring me a fairytale ending to my year that assures me a bid into main draw Australia and a spot back in the top 100, I am prepared to accept any outcome knowing that I’ve put in the work and done my best this year. 2017 has been challenging to say the least. From coaching changes to injuries to tough losses and goals left unachieved, I can’t say that it’s been one of my favorite years on tour. However, with the aid of all of my incredible close friends and loved ones, I am reminded that tennis is not everything, and that there is always next week or next year.

I’ll open up in Waco against an opponent I’ve faced twice before—lost one, won one—so there shouldn’t be any real surprises for either of us out there. I do really enjoy the conditions in Waco and feel that they’re well suited to the strategies I’ve been working on with Clay. Hopefully, that translates into a good week at the office, but, either way, I’m proud of the way that I’ve competed each and every week of this season. So, one last time this year, please wish me luck, and I’ll give it everything I have.



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