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Social Update: Nicole Gibbs - Week 3 of Rehab

For Nicole Gibbs, the past week of rehab has been a busy one as she continues to rehab her injured shoulder.

She gave us a glimpse of her brand new "at home recovery center" where she's hooked up to a Marc Pro Plus device to help her shoulder get back to health.

"It sends electrical current through your body that stimulates your muscle to fire, and it flushes out areas of your body that might be problem areas and stimulates blood flow,” explained Nicole about the Marc Pro Plus device.

To help flush out the legs after a tough day at the gym, she's been wearing a NormaTec PULSE daily.

"This is just flushing out the legs, making sure my circulation is really good,” she said. "And whenever I use this, I feel a lot less sore."

The first week or so of rehab was just resting but now she's transitioned into building her body.

"I’ve transitioned from an emphasis on rest to an emphasis on building my body back up to peak fitness," she wrote in her blog.

She also spent time playing tennis with the RAMP kids, doing tennis drills with them. This way, she killed to birds with one stone -- optimizing her recovery and also giving back to the community.


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