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Social Update: Weekly Roundup - It's All About Moving

In this week's social update weekly roundup of My Tennis Life, the common theme is moving. The show's stars Nicole Gibbs and Sam Groth moved into their respective new homes--Nicole settled into a new town home in Los Angeles, while Sam got the keys to his new house in Melbourne.

That doesn't mean that these globetrotters will spend a lot of time in their new digs since their lifestyle also involves spending time in airports, short or long haul flights, and hotel stays. But at least they both have a home base.

A look at both their moves:

Is this couch comfortable enough? Nicole and her boyfriend Jack did some furniture shopping for their new place, which they've since moved into.

Did some furniture shopping with bae during my one day home this month! Exciting move coming up ??????

Take a tour! Now Nicole doesn't have to leave her house to go to the gym. Here she gave us a tour of the gym at her new house complex.

Can I get some sleep, please! To get from one tournament to the next, players have to find their own transportation to get to the events. Here, Sam attempted to get some shut-eye before boarding his flight.

When it's 3am and you are trying to get just one more hour of sleep before your 5am flight

Flowers for Britt before having to go. Most men know that a bouquet of flowers can win a lot of points, and Sam knows that too.

Blackmailing her with flowers cos I can't stay longer.

Goodbye Virginia, hello Australia.
Sam said goodbye to his apartment he had for four years.

Leaving my apartment in VA for the last time. Good memories the last 4 years. Back to Aus!

Did you say 32 hours? Tennis lifestyle is not all glamorous, especially if you have to spend 32 hours traveling. No wonder Sam was happy to be off the plane. Who wouldn't?

Finally arrived in Melbourne after 32 hours of travel. Pretty happy to be home!

Hello New Home. Unpacking takes a while to do but the main thing is Sam has moved into his new home!

Just spent the first night in the new house. Stuff everywhere but it's home!


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