Murphy Jensen: Missteps and Redemption

In this edition of TenniStory, Murphy Jensen reflects on his missteps and redemption. After winning the Roland Garros 1993 doubles trophy, it changed Luke and Murphy Jensen's lives forever. But for Murphy, the success came with a big price as the rock and roll lifestyle led to missteps, including drug and alcohol abuse, which nearly cost him everything.

This rock and roll lifestyle started to affect his tennis as he slept through a qualifying match in Nottingham the week before Wimbledon in 1995, and then disappeared in Wimbledon after failing to show up for a mixed doubles match.

Murphy finally reached rock bottom in 1999 and decided to seek help.

Today, Murphy Jensen is the co-founder of WEconnect, a solutions-based platform that helps during the most crucial time in recovery: the first year of sobriety, and equally benefits someone in long-term recovery.

The WEconnect platform was born out of the co-founders’ motivation to find solutions for thriving in recovery and improving the lives of others. Daniela Luzi Tudor first journaled about the idea when she went through in-patient treatment for her own drug and alcohol addiction and learned relapse rates are alarmingly high. She is a West Coast-based, serial entrepreneur joined by Murphy Jensen, 1993 French Open tennis Champion, who is in long-term recovery and leads strategic partnerships, and technology veteran Jen Mallory, who leads the product and hardware development and integrations.

For more information on WEconnect, please click here.


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