TenniStory: Madison Keys

TenniStory: Madison Keys on Her Lofty Goals for 2018 Season

Three years ago at the Australian Open, a promising young American burst out from the pack to reach the semis here in Melbourne. Her name was Madison Keys. Since then, Keys has risen up the ranks and begun to make a name for herself as an incredibly skilled player – one graced with one of the best services in tennis and a powerful set of groundstrokes. Madison’s progress continued last year, when, at the US Open, she reached her first Grand Slam singles final.

As you might expect, away from the tournaments, pros like Keys put in a lot of work – both on and off the court. We recently visited Keys at the USTA National Campus in Lake Nona, Florida. As always, she was kind and candid. But don’t let her friendliness deceive you. Most of all, Madison Keys is driven.


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