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Social Update: Nicole Gibbs Checking in from Acapulco on 'My Tennis Life'

Hey everyone!

Checking in from Acapulco, the site of this week’s tennis adventure! Zero complaints thus far—I have a view of the tennis courts and the ocean from my hotel room balcony, and the food has been delicious. In the days leading up to the tournament, it felt more like a vacation than a tennis tournament!

I got here a few day ago and my first full day was great - I slept in until around 10am (we got in late the night before and there is a two hour time change from LA, so don’t judge), and then got breakfast by the pool. I hit from 12 to 1 and was surprised by just how hot and humid it felt, but I got used to it quickly. After my practice, I went to the gym for about an hour and a half to foam roll and stretch. Might sound like overkill, but my body needed every second of it and I felt much better in my second practice as a result. To finish off that first evening, my coach and I got dinner at one of the resort restaurants—an Italian place—where I loaded up on carbs for the next day’s training.

When I first arrived, I was “one out” of the main draw, which meant that one person signed up to compete in the main draw would have to withdraw before Saturday in order for me to bypass qualifying. That happened so now I am directly in the main draw!

I’m really looking forward to this upcoming swing of events: Acapulco, Indian Wells, Miami, and Monterrey. I love hard courts and the US and Mexico are two of my favorite places to compete on tour (shoutout to Australia as well). I want to try to play my best tennis, of course, but I also want to make a point of enjoying each stop along the way. With the help of an awesome tournament location and setup in Acapulco, I’m off to a good start :).

After finishing this blog, I’m planning to relax with a short meditation and then watch the next episode or two of “Sneaky Pete”—amazing Amazon Prime Video series. I’ll check in with you guys again sometime next week with updates on how my week in Acapulco went and what I’m up to going into Indian Wells. Welcome to my tennis life!!!


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