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Blog: Nicole Gibbs Checks in After a Busy Week of Rehab

Hey guys!

Checking in after a busy week of rehab, healthy eating and recovery. I’ve transitioned from an emphasis on rest to an emphasis on building my body back up to peak fitness. I won’t be hitting the courts for another week or two, but when I do, I want to make sure I haven’t lost a step physically. From hikes and sand dune ascents to pool workouts and exercises in physical therapy, I’ve been ramping up my physical load and staying very busy.

I’ve also been working extremely hard to optimize recovery and adopt habits that will serve me well once I’m fully back in action. I’ve started incorporating both a MarcPro Plus and a Normatec into my daily recovery routine. If you’ve never heard of these modalities—LOOK THEM UP! The MarcPro stimulates therapeutic muscle contractions that help to reduce pain and increase healthy blood flow in sore muscles or problem areas. The Normatec flushes increased circulation in your legs and aids in rapid recovery. Using these modalities daily has helped me to reduce soreness and prevent further injuries while increasing my workload. Both of them are extremely portable, so I plan to travel with both from now on when I head out to tournaments.

Perhaps the biggest change in lifestyle for me lately has been nutrition. I’ve been on a very strict diet for the past couple of weeks to help eliminate inflammation and make me a healthier, fitter athlete. Some of the “rules” of my diet include avoiding red meat, fried foods, vegetable oils, alcohol, caffeine, and white grains. At first I was hesitant to take on such a significant change—I’ve always been health conscious but by no means extremely disciplined with my eating. However, I have to admit now that I’m in a rhythm of eating healthy, I do feel better and lighter. I’ve decided to stick with the main principles at least through Wimbledon and then gauge their efficacy.

I have some follow-up appointments with my doctors next week that should give me a better idea of a comeback timeline, so I will definitely keep you all posted. In the meantime, I’m really enjoying this extended re-set period at home. I’m really excited about all of the positive changes I’ve been making to my training and lifestyle and can’t wait to bring them back with me on the road.


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