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Mark Macdonald: Winning Your Health and Tennis Game in December

It’s the end of the year, the temperatures are dropping fast and the holidays are in full swing, all of that makes it easy to check out and simply say, “I’ll get back on track with my health and tennis game come January 2nd.”

But I have a secret for you, December is your most important health month of the year.

The health foundation you develop in December determines the momentum you will experience in the new year.

If you win your health in December, you will win throughout the year and if you backslide in December, you’ll most likely be chasing your health for the rest of the year.

The speed, recovery and energy we all want on the tennis court has a direct connection to your overall health.

So, if one of your 2018 goals is to take your tennis game to the next level, then your progress starts now. The daily health decisions you make matter and this is exactly why I’m writing this article and will be sharing weekly articles throughout all of December.

Each article is designed to lead you week by week so you have massive health momentum to take on 2018 like the Tennis Champion you are!

Here are the four topics in the series:

Wednesday December 6th – Winning Your Health and Tennis Game in December
Wednesday December 13th – Rocking Holiday Parties and Still Performing on the Court
Wednesday December 20th - Mouth Watering Holiday Recipes – Treat Your Taste Buds Without Slowing Down on the Court
Wednesday December 28th – Take on 2018 like the Tennis Champion you are!

What does “Winning Your Health and Tennis Game in December” actually mean? It’s more a mindset and a commitment to the daily choices you make with your food and your tennis training.

Imagine taking on each day in December focusing on 1% health progress, small incremental improvements that will begin to exponentially compound each day. Think about applying that same exact 1% mindset to your forehand, backhand and serve. Chipping away a little every day to improve your health and your game.

Maybe it’s walking two more minutes a day, having an afternoon balanced meal, scheduling a weekly grocery shopping day, sleeping five more minutes at night, hitting four more practice serves or practicing three more drop shots.

Simple, realistic and attainable mini health and tennis improvements that moves you forward 1% a day.

Think about the momentum you’ll start to build with your health and your tennis game.

And the best part about this mindset shift is you still get to enjoy your favorite holiday foods throughout December.

Those little holiday specific “off-plan” meals are never your health obstacle; your health success and speed and recovery on the court is determined by what you do the rest of the time during the day and your meals.

Now once you commit to your new health mindset of 1% progress, it’s important to dive into the 5 Part Article and Video series we did to help educate and empower you to Eat and Fuel Like a Tennis Champion.

This series establishes your food foundation to take your court performance to the next level, and is exactly how many of the top recreational, amateur, collegiate and professional tennis players fuel.

It would be great to refresh your food skill set and dive into that series before we cover into next week’s topic – Rocking Holiday Parties and Still Staying Fast on the Court.

Here are themes and links to the previous 5-part series:

-How to Eat Like a Tennis Champion

-The Myth of Carb Loading

-Optimally Fueling Before Your Match

-Maximizing Your Recovery After Your Match

-Winning the Final Set – How to Fuel During Your Match

Ok, our December together begins now!

This will be the best health December of your life, which will propel you into the greatest upcoming health and tennis year of your life. Are you ready?! I know I am, let the December series begin.

Next Level here you come!


About Mark

Most important, Mark Macdonald is a husband to his wife Abbi and father to their 12-year-old son Hunter and 2-year-old baby girl, Hope.

Professionally, he’s a world renowned nutrition & fitness expert, best-selling author, television personality, international teacher and speaker, and entrepreneur who has coached everyone from celebrities to athletes to business executives to busy moms on how to permanently get their body back with cutting edge nutrition, fitness and lifestyle strategies.

He is the founder of Venice Nutrition and the IBNFC: International Board of Nutrition and Fitness Coaching, author of the New York Times Bestselling books Body Confidence and Why Kids Make You Fat and How to Get Your Body Back, as well as a featured health expert for many national media outlets, a few being: Dr. OZ, CNN, HLN, Access Hollywood, NBC, FOX and Chelsea Lately.

Mark is also a sought after keynote health speaker and continually speaks throughout the world.

You can learn more about mark @ www.MarkMacdonald.tv as well as read his full bio @ http://markmacdonald.tv/about

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