#AskNick: Breaking down What Makes a Coach and a Tennis Teacher

Nick Bollettieri’s breakdown of a coach and tennis teacher:


A coach is truly a jack of all trades that has knowledge of the:

  1. Techniques of the game
  2. Strategy of the game
  3. Mental part of the game
  4. Physical part of the game

A coach today may not be an expert of the above categories and many times a coach can and will have members of his team that are truly highly knowledgeable in each phase, including the nutrition requirements.

Modern Day Coach

Still today, there are so many tennis enthusiasts that have no idea how big business tennis is and the financial benefits a coach can make. Can you imagine the financial breakdown of some top players today that have on their team? They usually have the following:

  1. Coach
  2. Stringer
  3. Physical trainer
  4. Nutritionist
  5. Family member

What is a coach?

Little did I know or even dream that my career coaching the game of tennis would span over six decades. Wow, that is a long time and so much has changed since 1957 starting with a two-court complex surrounded by a large stonewall made of sea shells that still stands strong today in 2018!

Coaching and being a tennis teacher has changed 360 degrees in so many ways and I will give you some of my experience and today I continue learning more every single day.

Today coaching and teaching tennis is no longer considered a part time activity, but a full-time profession, including two leading organizations that have between 30,000 and 40,000 members; the USPTA and PTR.

Many years ago so many people laughed that you could get paid for being outdoors and teaching tennis. Not so today, being a coach and teaching pro is a big-time profession.

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