#AskNick: What Is Mental Efficiency?

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What is mental efficiency?

Mental efficiency is the ability to use your thoughts and emotions to be the best in what you do. In the sport of tennis, mental efficiency involves coordination of how you think, feel, and act as you play tennis and as you take pat to all other aspects of life, such as school and work.

In essence, mental efficiency contributes to the positive development of yourself. Hopefully, I will help you learn how to be responsible for your own personal development. It’s also a guide for the coach to communicate information to you.

You must find away to perform with confidence in everything you do. Yes, tennis is a lonely sport and I will help you look forward to singles competition. At times you fear one on one when you only have you to support yourself. My material will not only help you on the tennis court, but in everything that you do.

Remember, tennis can impact every single thing that you do throughout your life and what happens in life can impact your tennis.

Tennis will give you a broader picture of personal benefits and by taking a personal perspective you will be in a better position.

How to add to your mental efficiency

1.Knowing who you are

You must know what you can do, what you can’t do, and where you must improve as a whole. I think knowing more about yourself and accepting the writing on the wall is a must do in order to improve. Telling yourself the truth gives you a far better chance to do something about it.

2.Self motivation

Knowing who you are is only a part of the puzzle. Now are you ready to do something about it? Say I can and will do it!

3.Self Confidence

Let’s make this very simple! You must believe in all ways that you believe in you and not force that outcome. Just let it flow baby! Enjoy the moment!

When you are mentally efficient you are in sync with yourself. You are not wasting thoughts and emotions. You will also not be intimidated by an opponent; you quickly dispel fear, worry, and doubt about your play.


1.Nerves are part of life

2.Don’t be ashamed to say I get nervous. Everyone gets nervous! Talk about it but try to find a way early on or during a match to fight through

3.Don’t play thinking about the score. Play one point at a time and remember your next point is most important. You can’t change what happened, but you can make sure it does not happen again.

4.Move your feet

5.Follow through on your swings

6.Hit to bigger targets

7.Show the opponent that you are a warrior not an excuse maker

8.Play for you, not your parents, coaches, grandparents, but for you

9.Be a warrior and fight for every point

10.Do not make excuses, just play the game

11.The score will take care of itself. Just focus on hitting the last ball over the net.

Victories are determined by you and what you must do to be a winner in tennis and in Life!

Don’t pray for your opponents to make mistakes. You must make them make mistakes!

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